We're Orchid, a charity that raises awareness and supports research into male cancer – testicular, penile and prostate cancer.

Cancer Research UK is the largest cancer charity operating in the UK. Review looming.


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Each year in the UK, around 2,300 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Penile Cancer. One in 36 men and one in 47 women in the UK will be. .

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Walk the Walk has brought together a global group of charities, collaborating to spread awareness that Men Get Breast Cancer Too.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation has three key objectives: To raise awareness of male health issues.

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Provides information and support for gay, bisexual and transgender people and men who have sex with men, including an online forum.


Formed in 1996 by former testicular cancer patient, Colin Osborne, Orchid is the only UK registered cancer charity to focus entirely on the male-specific cancers; prostate, penile and testicular.

By 2030, there will be around one million people of working age living with cancer in the UK. Many of the different organisations and. Joginder Singh Dhillon died in.

07272699. This type of cancer can affect anyone who has testicles, including men, transgender (trans) women and people assigned male at birth. . uk. 1 The main barrier is the harm-benefit calculation required for any. .

Each year in the UK, around 2,300 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer.

. #FightingMaleCancer since 1996.


Male Breast Cancer.

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Cancer Research UK has forecast there could be about 26,500 new cases of melanoma skin cancer every year in the UK by 2038, up from 16,700.