It is typically extracted from the stomach of a calf.

Cheetos is considered halal-friendly.

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Cheddar cheese.

Vegetarian cheese is also halal, as it does not incorporate any animal rennet.

In the baking industry, enzymes help to improve the quality, freshness, and shelf life of breads and baked goods. 2 Fish gelatin is Halal. We all know that not every single type of cheese is halal-certified (yet), so if you can’t find what you’re looking for choose cheeses with vegetarian rennet and microbial enzymes so you aren’t choosing anything with any type of animal products.

Cheeses like paneer or cream cheese are traditionally made this way.

. Rennet. White cheddar Cheetos puffs are not vegetarian or halal.

There are, however, non-animal sources of enzymes, including plants, microbial sources and fungi. 1- Animal Rennet (Enzymes) Animal Rennet is an enzyme used in the food industry to prepare cheese by curdling milk.



If the enzymes are derived from a halal source, such as plant or microbial sources, then the cheese would be considered halal. The following Kraft cheeses have animal enzymes from animals that muslims are allowed to consume but these animals were not slaughtered in accordance to Islamic law.

, 2014, Grahame et al. Cheese and whey produced by animal enzymes from halal animals not slaughtered according to Islamic requirements are doubtful, because only some consumers accept these products.

The global industrial enzyme market reached to sales of around US$3bn by 2011 and food and beverage enzymes accounted for around 29% of total sales (Fraatz et al.
Pure vegetable shortening is Halal.

Animal rennet is a coagulant made from the stomach lining of an animal, typically a calf or lamb.


There are ‘Parmesan-style’ cheeses available – these are suitable for vegetarians, hence halal diet-friendly too. Cheese and whey produced by using animal enzymes are haram if the source is haram animals. They are made with cheese and whey protein, some contain rennet, a common animal-based cheese ingredient.

10. Is Chymosin halal? Chymosin is the enzyme used for coagulation, lipase is used for ripening, and lactase is used to improve digestibility. . Microbial enzyme can be used instead of pepsin and rennet; microbial enzyme is Halal. 9. .

Animal enzymes have been found in them.

Food like pasta, rice, and bread can be halal food. There are ‘Parmesan-style’ cheeses available – these are suitable for vegetarians, hence halal diet-friendly too.


Other sources of milk may be used as long as they are Halal.

However, the sources of their animal enzymes are not halal.

From google: parmesan is traditionally made using rennet (enzyme in stomach of young mamals).