In these cases, disabling MCE and.

Do note, we do not have exact specifications or the settings used, although Raichu (the leaker) mentioned the use of two power states namely ‘ Unlimited Power ‘ and. Temps down from 85 on dota to 60.

Starting off with Cinebench R23 Multi-Core, the i7-13700KF scores 30,015 pts.

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. 17, DC LL at 1. .

24x Core i9 13900K Cinebench - R23 Multi Core with BenchMate ranking.

Oct 20, 2022 · We are using DDR5 memory on the Core i9-13900K, the Core i5-13600K, the Ryzen 9 7950X, and Ryzen 5 7600X, as well as Intel's 12th Gen (Alder Lake) processors at the following settings: DDR5-5600B. Intel has set a temperature margin running towards 100 Degrees C before throttling occurs. I entered BIOS again and changed the setting to “tower air cooler”.

35 at LLC 6 on an MSI Z690 MEG Unify X motherboard. I'm getting around 68-70 degrees average with regular 75 spikes while playing the Dead Space remake, which honestly is much higher as i'd like the temps to go.

5 rather than 85 on dota.

Idle down from 60 to 42.

6GHz with VCORE static set to 1. Temperature: 100 °C: Socket:.

. The fact that it hits 100c so quickly has me thinking something is wrong.

I swapped the Noctua to the 360 Corsair AIO.
The multi-threaded performance here goes to show how capable the i7 is.

Idle down from 60 to 42.


Temps down from 85 on dota to 60. 1 day ago · i7-13700KF Cinebench R23 Benchmark. Room temperature at 21-22 degrees.

. The Core i9-13900K can deliver similar levels of performance to 12th Gen, but at a much lower power draw. . The temperature of your processor will also have an. . com: Skytech Pro Eclipse Gaming PC Desktop - Intel Core i9 13900K 3.

Although I can play MW2 and other games maxed out for hours at 70c while it idles at roughly 35-40c.

As for the 13900K hitting over 100, it's not normal. Oct 20, 2022 · The few times where it did cause an impact were highly threaded, CPU heavy, tasks like CineBench and V-Ray CPU rendering, and building lighting in Unreal Engine.



60 on desktop idle.